What inspires you - sports, dance, gymnastics, cheer leading, nature, beach, mountains, florals?  Let us custom tailor your surroundings with decorative items you love to see and enjoy.  With the change of seasons, it's definitely time to change some of the decor that reminds us of the winter (thank goodness it is on it's way out).  

New FRESH designs that give a boost to your outlook - daily we see our bedding, our bath accessories, our window treatments, floor coverings.  We have some new patterns that do just that - whether boost in color (bright and springy - is that a word?), in theme related to you or your family's interests and personal goals (sports: baseball, softball, basketball, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, motorsports, cheer leaders, dance, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, academics, profession and more).

If you don's see it in our shop, write us with your specific need/interest.  Our design team will ask a few questions and work to create an EXCLUSIVE look crafted just for you!

HAPPY SPRING & SUMMER everyone - enjoy.  It is definitely time to perk up our spirits.